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Mordecai's Ramblings

by Az // @m_malignatus
Last post: Spending Queue: A Review 2021-12-26


by Lucy Keer // @drossbucket
Last post: I ♥ universities 2021-12-19

DRMacIver's Notebook

by David R. MacIver // @DRMacIver
Last post: The landscape of 2021-12-14

jml's notebook

by Jonathan M. Lange // @mumak
Last post: Cost of cruft 2021-12-9

Wesley’s Notebook

by Wesley Aptekar-Cassels // @WAptekar
Last post: Recently 2021-12-1

Do I Smell Burning?

by Kristian Glass // @doismellburning
Last post: Plausible Web Analytics 2021-10-19

Last post: Shards of a good life 2021-6-3

Dan's Notebook

by Dan O'Huiginn // @danohu
Last post: Some Links 2021-6-3

mere musings

by Andy Drop
Last post: Bus Factor 2020-8-18

Poggie's Notebook

Last post: [German] Super – Wie die Nutzung eines Wortes sich verändert 2020-7-1